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Ultimate Kayak Racks​


When it comes to storing our kayaks and canoes, we are all guilty of leaving our boats around killing the grass and junking up the waterfront.

With the addition of free standing kayak racks there will be no question as to where to put the boats. This will not only make your waterfront look great, your kayaks will be in much better shape.


The free standing kayak rack has many benefits, such as moving your racks with your boats.While you are at the cottage keep your racks down by the water where you will need them. When you are not there move them up to the cottage out of site.


​All racks are made with precision and care. All joints are wood screwed and wood glued.



The design and features built into my racks are a result of 20 years of paddling, instructing, boat design, sales, etc. Rest assured that our racks are made by paddlers, for paddlers.


All racks are made in western red cedar. Cedar wood contains natural oils that give it a superior ability to stand up to wood rot. Although wood can be treated with a timber oil, it is not necessary. 


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